Medical Suspensions

Medical Driver’s License Suspension

What is a Medical Suspension?

medical drivers licence suspension means that a medical professional, police officer or person in authority believes that your medical condition may affect your ability to drive.

This can be a result of:

  • substance/alcohol abuse issue
  • a medical issue, heart condition, cognitive impairment, eye site ect.
  • mental health issues
  • any other medical issue that may interfere with the driver’s ability to safety drive a motor vehicle.

Under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario physicians, optometrists and medical professionals are required by law to report any driver who may be suffering from a medical or physical condition.

The law is to ensure that all drivers are safe to themselves and others will operating a motor vehicle.

Getting your Drivers Licence Reinstated

Reinstating your licence will require medical evidence in writing that the driver is fit to drive.  The Ministry of Transportation will require documented proof that the driver is medically fit to operate a motor vehicle from a medical professional.

This can include;

  • a letter from a family physician
  • an addictions specialist
  • proof that you have attended a rehabilitation program
  • or any other documentation that the Ministry deems necessary.

Get Your Information

The onus is placed upon the driver to provide all necessary documentation or reports to the Ministry of Transportation.

Medical driver’s suspensions will be reviewed by the Medical Review Board section to decide if the information is sufficient to show that the driver can to safely operate a motor vehicle.

In some cases, repeated requests for further information may seem unwarranted, which can be very frustrating and delaying for the driver.

When information has been repeatedly sent to the Ministry without the licence being reinstated, the remedy is to file an appeal with the Licence Appeal Tribunal.

The tribunal will hear the case and decide if your licence should be returned to you.

We will explain the forms needed and file an appeal on your behalf with the Licence Appeal Board.

We will properly prepare your case and appear in court, giving you the best possible representation to have your driver’s licence reinstated.

If your have previously been denied a reinstatement, we can review your case with you, give you proper advice and file an appeal if necessary.