Our firm is focused only on traffic law.

We are known as a “Trial Service” not just a “Guilty Plea” service!

With over 30 years of experience we have the skills and credentials to represent you professionally.

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Regular Ticket (With A Fine)

This ticket gives you 3 options.
1. Pay It (Admit Guilt)
2. Ask For A Reduction
3. Ask For A Trial

Careless Driving

We offer assistance to help drivers who feel they have been wrongly charged with a traffic violation to avoid the demerit points, fine and insurance conequences.


Not happy with your conviction? Think the Judge got it wrong?
Then an appeal is your only hope!
We specialize in appeals as the rules differ from trials!


A Summons means you have been given an appearance date only. You can appear yourself or we can go for you.

Stunt Driving

If you received a Summons for Stunt Driving, it is in your best interest to seek help right away. You do not want to have this on your record!

Medical Driving License Suspensions

We are very successful in getting your license re-instated if you have received a medical suspension.

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